Bride Spotlight: Meg and Ben & Mari and Brian

By Cristin Trosien

Photos of Meg and Ben courtesy of Gary L. Howe, Photographer
Photos of Mari and Brian courtesy of Chloe Jackman Photography

One Dress, Two Stories

A Vintage Woodsy Feel

Meg & Ben's Wild Michigan Wedding

Bride and Groom, Meg and Ben, celebrated their wedding in Huron National Forest, Ben’s “favorite place in the world.”  Their wedding was uniquely them, with a vintage woodsy feel, and a theme of “adventure, because that is how we view every day.”  To go along with the vibe, Bride Meg chose a vintage style tea-length gown for this Northern Michigan wedding celebration.

“I am a big fan of vintage and of twirling around in pretty dresses. My gown was exceptionally twirlable.  It was everything I could want.”

A Perfect Fit

Meg & Ben's Wild Michigan Wedding

After their special day, Meg knew she wanted to donate her unique gown, and found The Brides Project a worthy recipient.  “I was very fortunate to have a fantastic, joyous wedding. But a lot of people were missing. I’ve lost many family members to cancer, and my aunt couldn’t come because she was (successfully!) battling fallopian tube cancer. I want our celebration to benefit other families…  The Brides Project seemed like a perfect fit.”

It’s a Sign!

Upon Meg’s suggestion, her friend and future bride, Mari, visited The Brides Project for her own special dress.  She was looking for something with simple details, and without any sparkles or appliques.  Though she found several dresses she liked, it wasn’t until she tried a tea-length dress from a mannequin the window, that Mari felt that she had found her gown. “It was the first dress I tried on that really made me dance, which seemed like a sign!”


Before ringing it up, Mari realized that her friend Meg had donated her tea-length gown to TBP a few months before. “I checked photos and it looked awfully similar. I decided that I was ok with wearing the same dress as long as she was comfortable with it.”  After sharing a few photos and a phone call, it was confirmed that she had in fact chosen her friend’s gown. “Thankfully, she was generous enough to give me her blessing!”

Fall in California


Mari and her groom, Brian, were married in Oakland, California on the edge of Lake Temescal Beach.  “I really wanted to play up fall colors…so we included rich reds, oranges, and yellows.” Mari added to the jewel tones and made the travelling gown her own by adding a deep red ribbon and bow around the waist.

“My dress is now hanging in my closet, waiting to be donated again to the Brides Project. As Meg likes to say, it has some pretty great juju. We wish its next owner the same happiness we’ve found.”

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