Bride Spotlight: Shea Jorgensen

By Monica Miklosovic
Photos: Jalisa Mayer

An Iowa Bride

It is stories like this that make us reflect in awe on how one person’s act of trust and generosity can strengthen and impart hope to the community around them, even if they are only visiting! It is with deep gratitude that we are able to share the story of this Iowa bride, who was determined to incorporate a giving spirit into her wedding plans from the very start.

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A Summer and a Wedding Dress in Ann Arbor

Two years ago, Shea Jorgenson spent a summer in Ann Arbor, MI and happened to see The Brides Project store one day when she was out shopping for groceries. Shea explains,  “I made a mental note and knew that one day I wanted to get my wedding dress there. I live in Iowa and am a 10-hour drive away from Ann Arbor but make the trip once a year with my family to see my brother.”

In town with her family again a few months later, although not engaged yet, Shea asked her mom if she wouldn’t mind looking at dresses at The Brides Project.   She remembers, “I tried on about a dozen and had such great help from the staff; it made my dress shopping experience special and unique. I fell in love with a dress and decided to get it, even though I had never even looked at wedding dresses elsewhere.” She admits, “My family was pretty surprised that I had a dress before I was engaged!” However, her confidence was well-founded. One month later, she and her now-husband Michael agreed that a wedding was to be in their future, and were married soon after.

As many brides do, Shea had her dress altered by a seamstress (who designed and added a shoulder strap) after she bought it, making it perfectly her own. In reflecting upon her time at The Brides Project, Shea relays, “I could not have asked for a better experience dress shopping, more beautiful dress, or better cause. I loved it! I plan to donate the dress back on my next trip to Ann Arbor.”

A Happy First Anniversary!

Shea and Michael are currently both medical students at the University of Iowa. With their first anniversary coming up on June 22, we are delighted to celebrate the life they have begun together. Thank you, Shea and Michael, for sharing your story!  Your optimism shines through, and we are grateful for your contribution.

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