Help the Cancer Support Community Win $1,000!

What could the Cancer Support Community do with $1,000 to help support it’s amazing services? Here’s an idea…

The Cancer Support Community has been working on an expansion to create a new center dedicated to supporting family and children. This new space has a therapeutic play room and an art therapy space, as well as a large exercise space.  In this space we offer:

  • groups for kids 4-12 who have cancer or who have a parent with cancer
  • a group for teens who have cancer or who have a parent with cancer
  • exercise classes for kids who have cancer or who have a parent or sibling with cancer

The $1,000 grant we’re hoping to win will be used to create a storage area for kids’ supplies.  This is the last step needed to complete the new kids and family space!

As you can see, a lot of good can come from $1,000, so we’re asking for your help! The Bank of Ann Arbor has opened up voting on their Project Help contest. Through Project Help, Bank of Ann Arbor will award grants totaling $25,000 to fund much-needed local improvement projects, and as you may have guessed, the Cancer Support Community is up for the $1,000 grant!

You can help us win by going to the Bank of Ann Arbor Facebook page and voting daily. We can’t win without the support of the community so please spread the word – $1,000 can do a lot of good for the families and children that are supported through the Cancer Support Community!


You Can Vote Here:

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