Saturday Dress Drive Recap

We bet you’re all dying to hear how our kick off event for our Dress Drive went last Saturday at Art Van in Novi. Without making you hold your breath any longer, we’re delighted to say that we collected 10 dresses during the 2 hour event! Wow, just WOW!

One of our favorite stories from the day was a donation from one mother who had her younger daughter wear their dress donation into the store.  The two went out and bought a dress to donate because the mother’s dress was too badly damaged for resale. How sweet are they?! Generosity such as theirs, touches a strong place in our heart and is a great reminder of why we love The Brides Project and all the amazing people we are able to meet!

This is the gorgeous display our volunteers put together for the event. Isn’t it lovely and inviting? Our volunteers certainly have an eye for style 🙂

This photo marks out 3rd donation within 20 minutes of the kick off! Thank you to the amazing ladies below!

Here’s Shannon from Channel 95.5 posing with Melissa, another dress donor! A great short, flirty style for a summer wedding.

Thank you to everyone who made our kick off event a success. We can’t wait to tally up the donations at the end of the month!

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