Donation Story, Southern Brides Part I: Amanda

We are fortunate to be able to connect with brides from nearby and far away. So, it’s exciting that we can do to a two part feature on two very lovely “Southern” Brides who generously donated their wedding gowns to The Brides Project!

Our first Southern Bride is Amanda, who is from Florida. She donated a beautiful Maggie Sotterro lace gown that originally cost $1,100 (see Amanda above). We asked Amanda why she wanted to donate to us, and here is what she said:

“I knew when I bought my dress that I didn’t want it boxed up after the wedding and taking up space in the closet. My husband and I wanted our wedding to help others as much as possible, from our charity registry and to sending our centerpieces to a local hospice, so donating my dress seemed obvious. My wedding day was perfect and I love the idea that another bride can use my dress to create a perfect day of her own.

After inquiring with a similar, but larger organization that just seemed too impersonal, I was very excited when I came across The Brides Project on the internet. Like everyone, I’ve known too many people affected by cancer and the mission of the Project and the Cancer Support Community seems to fulfill patient needs that are often overlooked. Coincidentally, my mother grew up and most of her family still live near Ann Arbor, so I even feel somewhat connected to the community being served.”

Amanda looked stunning in her dress and we are thrilled that she found us and donated her dress to support our mission and those at the Cancer Support Community. Thank you, Amanda, for finding us and believing in what we are working to do! 

Stay tuned for Southern Brides Part II coming soon!

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