Two Local Women Donate to The Brides Project

The Brides Project is happy to introduce two local women, Kim and Sherry, from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.  Both have donated their wedding gowns to our salon.  Without donations from brides and bridal salons around the country, we would not be able to continue our mission.  We are very grateful to generous women like these.

Our first donor is Kim Andrus of Ann Arbor who got married in 2006.  Kim gave us her beautiful Jasmine Haute Couture 100% silk gown that originally cost $2,000.  It’s a great addition to our inventory and we know it won’t sit long on our racks.

Wedding gowns are very special and hold so many memories of that special day.  We asked Kim why she decided to donate to us and here is what she said:

I learned about the Bride’s Project through a Facebook post from my friend, Kelly.  When I read about the Project and the Cancer Support Community, I knew that donating my wedding gown was the right thing to do.  Not only did the thought of my gown spending eternity in my basement seem a ridiculous waste, but I had also lost my dear Aunt Johanna just over a year ago to cancer.  My ultimate reasons for donating were twofold:  I wanted to provide a beautiful gown, that I was blessed to have, for a new bride to purchase at a lower cost; and knowing those funds would go to help people suffering with cancer, like my Aunt Johanna.  This touched me in a very personal way.  Maybe Aunt Johanna’s quality of life would have been better if she’d had the type of support that the CSC provides.  She contributed towards our wedding and did so much for me during her entire life.  It’s fitting that I can now give something back to help others facing the same situation.


Sherry Perkins is from Ypsilanti and is another very generous woman.  She got married in December 2011, just a little over 3 months ago.  She donated a gorgeous Sottero Midgley gown originally priced at $1,530.  We love this dress!  We contacted Sherry to ask her how she found us and why she wanted to give her special gown to our organization.  Here is what she told us:

At first, I was actually looking to re-sell the dress.  I contacted a business networking partner, Caroll of “Encore” (eBay resale in AA).  She indicated that wedding dresses do not sell well on eBay and gave me the contact information for The Brides Project.  As I reviewed The Brides Project website and learned of your Cancer Support Community, I was sold.  Before being a new Bride on 12/17/11, I was a widow.   My late husband died of melanoma cancer on Nov. 7th 2005.  Had to be that the blessing bridges in both directions through The Brides Project.

The Brides Project thanks both Kim and Sherry for helping us continue our mission at the Cancer Support Community.  Our organization helps cancer patients and their families cope with the everyday trauma of cancer treatment.  We offer support through programs and activities, all of which are free of charge.

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