Environmentally Friendly Wedding Tips!

As more and more people become increasingly conscious about the planet they’re living on, they’re moving towards being more eco-friendly: turning the light off when leaving a room, choosing to carpool with a friend or co-worker when going to the same destination, keeping the windows closed when air-conditioning is on, and so-on. As going eco-friendly is becoming more popular, many people are finding ways to help the environment with their different activities, including weddings. A wedding can be a great way to show your passion for helping the Earth as every aspect of a wedding can be used to promote being eco-friendly.

The first way to make your wedding eco-friendly is to change the style of your invitations. Instead of using traditional invites, why not get paper cards that are plant-able? The invitation will be made from recycled paper mixed with flower seeds. Once your invitees get your invitation, they can plant the card, and within a few weeks, beautiful wildflowers will sprout.

Also, why not even keep your wedding local? A destination wedding can be exotic and fun, no doubt, but hosting your wedding and reception in a nearby place can keep travel emissions for you and your guests down.

Another tip? Pick creative wedding favors! Instead of giving people gifts they’re probably never going to hang up or use, give each family a tree sapling to plant in their backyard, or perhaps even homemade candies (that way you know the candies are organic and no one can resist candy!).

There are tons of different ways to stay environmentally conscious when planning your wedding besides these three tips. Having a green wedding will not only make your wedding unique, but will also help you give back to the environment and the world as a whole!



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