Donor Spotlight: Amal

amalBride, Amal, learned about The Brides Project while shopping for her wedding gown last year.  Though she loved the idea of directing the money spent on a dress toward a worthy cause, she did not end up finding her gown with us.

After her recent wedding she remembered The Brides Project and returned to donate her gown.  Amal said she donated her gown for many reasons, but mainly because “it felt like the right thing to do.

My husband and I both know people who have passed away from cancer. I wanted my dress to help support cancer patients and their families.”

She went on to share that in the Islamic tradition, there is the belief in continuous charity – “that even after you pass, you will continue to receive blessings and rewards from God for your gift. I hope my dress will be a continuous charity- a gift that keeps on giving.”

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